The nursery

It looks like I haven't being doing creative things lately, because I didn't post a lot on my blog. But the opposite is true. Since we know we are pregnant with our first child my creative brain and hands have been making overtime behind the scenes. All those ideas I gathered over the years are having a chance to come to life underneath my hands. It started with a baby crib that my mother bought at the thrift store, soon after that my uncle and aunt told me they had my dresser from childhood, if I wanted it back.......yes, nice!! So we began with sanding, primer, sanding and painting the furniture.


The last couple of month I collected all kinds of (photo)frames from the thrift shop. We sanded them, put primer on it and did different kinds of finishings. We gave it a bit of a rustic look. With al types of patterned paper I made a collage with birds, a tree, butterfly and more. It is hanging above the crib.

I wanted to make hanging fabric baskets for a while, so no better reason to make them for my own daughter. Above the dresser we placed a rail with hooks. I attached a fabric tunnel to the baskets so I could slide them over the rail.

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