DIY playpen blanket and toys bag

I made this toys bag and matching playpen blanket for our little girl. My husband picked the fabric and colours. Below I will show you how I made the toys bag, this is what you will need;
fabric 2 yards
fabric scraps
all your sewing materials
sewing machine

This is the bottom piece 14 x 10 inch / 35 x 25 cm

This is the fabric you need for the bag. I sewed different kinds of fabric together and it's about
5 ft x 2 ft / 1,50 m x 0,60 m
The bottom piece is combined with a thick layer of white cotton.


I didn't want a rectangle bottom, so I cut round corners. 

The large piece of fabric, the bag to be, is pinned down (good sides together) onto the bottom piece. The way you see the picture above....that will be the inside of the bag.

I gave the bottom some cut notches for flexibility.

This is the fabric for the inner bag. Take the same measurements from the outer bag and sew the same way.

These three pieces of fabric will be the hanging system. Fold your fabric in half lenghts wise, pin it down, sew and turn your fabric. The measurement depends on what kind of playpen you measure the distance between 2 bars.


This strip of fabric with interfacing is used to finish the top of the bag. Measure the perimeter, add 2 inches to be sure, cut the fabric and iron on the interfacing.
I folded the strip in half lenghts wise and attached the three pieces of fabric for hanging with my sewing machine.
Remember to stitch some cord on the left and right side in the strip of fabric. This is what you will use later to close the bag. I made the stitch exactly in the seam.
Put the outer and inner bag inside each other, wrong sides together. Pin the strip of fabric to the bag, good sides together and stitch. Make sure your hanging system is at the back, so it can be attached to the playpen.
I took my needle and thread to sew the strip onto the bag. It was a lot of work, but it is worth it, because I could see front and back where to put the stitches.
With left over scraps I made two pockets. I finished the edges rough with a serger.

I cut two hearts from another scrap.

Pin it down and sew. 

Sew them where ever you want them on the bag. I choose to sew one left and one on the right side. 

Pin the bag around the playpen to see where you have to put the velcro. Pin the velcro and sew it. 

And this is the finished toys bag!!

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