Easy gift tag

It's easy and super fast to make a nice gift tag. Take a piece of scrap paper and cut the size you want with pinking scissors. Stick a beautiful 3d - sticker on the paper and punch a hole. You're ready to finish your gift!!

Mural for my niece

2 Months ago I made this mural for my niece and her soon to be born son. The nursery is all about 'Nijntje', that is the name of the bunny and is well known in Holland. Three weeks ago she gave birth to a healthy baby boy and his name is Mick.
Welcome to the family Mick!
To make it easier they lend a projector. We used a large box to put it on and aimed for a spot just above the crib. The above image was the first to go on the wall.

They also found a nice verse to go with it. So that was step 2.
We finished with some stars. Everything was painted with acrylic paint, dark grey and different kind of brushes.



DIY nursery wall art

This is the wall art I made for the nursery. It's easy to make and this is what you will need;
old frames
sanding paper

We bought all kinds of old frames at the thrift store and sanded them.

Then we sprayed them with primer.

We gave the more classic frames a washing with old white, light grey and dark grey.




I searched for all kinds of happy paper in happy colours!! Then we collected different kinds of images and started cutting and gluing.
Make a nice collage in the end :-)


Babyshower bedankje / favors

Cellophane bags filled with white and pink candy.

We stamped a bird and heart onto firm paper, cut it out and punched a hole.

A pink ribbon and a white card with 'Thank you' holds the bag closed.

We did some tissuepaper into a deep bowl and filled it with all the little bags.

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