kruikzak maken/Water jar bags

Water jar bags to warm the crib. Easily made and can be inexpensive when you use scraps of fabric.
You will need;
Scraps of fabric
sewing materials
sewing machine
First measure your water jar. Choose the size of fabric you want for the top part of the bag.

I finished the top with my serger.

Make a seam and stitch.

The top of the bag is now nicely finished.
Make the bottom of the bag with all your scraps of fabric. You can use a serger, it works nice and fast. When you finished the bottom part you can sew it together with the top part. Good sides together. After that you can also close the sides and bottom. 

Take your biais and stitch it to close the sides.
Take the middle of the biais and stitch it in the side seam of the bag.

And this is how it turned out!!





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