DIY; Easy key chain

My friend is turning 30 very soon. With a group of girls we did a surprise high tea for her. I did'nt want to come empty handed so I made this little gift for her. A key ring for her keys or to embellish her purse.
The key ring. 

Attach ribbons you like.

Choose a nice chain. I choose one with some beads.

I had this butterfly from another jewelry and thought it would be nice for this key chain.

More ribbon.

Use fray check on your cut ribbon to prevent them from fraying.

Also think of some left over lace. You just need a little piece.

I made the box out of wall paper. It's a nice size for little gifts and with some raffia you are ready in a heart beat.
Below is the link to make your own wall paper box.

Old oak cabinet

Hello peeps! In the little bit of time that I have I made it to the thrift store last week. Not looking for something in particular, but always finding something :-)
I came across this old oak cabinet. I fell in love with the nice ornaments on the door, drawer and the sides of the cabinet. Now I'm trying to find time to remove the old wax layer and sand paper all the parts. When I make some progress I will show you the pics.

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