Baby linen


I had a lot of left over scraps of fabric. Luckily enough to cut out strips or squares and from the smaller pieces a heart or bird. Be creative and sew some strips or squares together. I also had a piece of lace that was the width of the sheet. Embellish the way you want. Play with it before you attach everything. 
Here you see that I attached green and checkered pink/white squares at the top of the linen. To finish the edge I stitched a white,lace biais.
This is the heart I hand sew on the green squares.
Strips of fabric stitched together and in one of the seams I stitched some lace. I  did'nt finished the edge, I left the seamy side the way it is.

welcome to the world little girl

Hello...nice to meet you! My name is Hailey, born 12-12-2013. My parents are very proud of me after a good delivery and even more important, I'm healthy!! We all feel blessed and are still amazed about each other. I'm doing great, sleeping all night, laughing most of the day and I'm very satisfied. My mom is trying to be creative since I came into the world, but I like her attention and keeping her from exploring all her creative ideas. Maybe when I'm a bit bigger there will be more time for her ;-) It was nice meeting you, have a good day.
Love Hailey.

Hanging fabric baskets


These hanging fabric baskets were on my DIY wishlist. So no better reason to make them for my own daughter. They are hanging above the dresser. We bought a rail at IKEA and when you make a fabric tunnel at the back of the baskets you can slide them on the rail.
Here you see that I cut a rectangle 10 inch x 7 inch. ( 25 x 18 m) The white fabric is a cotton and the beige is a firm fusible interfacing. Make the green rectangles a bit shorter then the white, later you will see why.

I made 6 sets. Three white cotton with interfacing and three green cotton with interfacing.


Fold the fabric double and finish the sides with a serger.

Open the bag that came in to being. Push the corners inwards and pin them down.

When you pinned both sides down the inside should look like this.

Sew the corners.

Turn the bag with the good side out. When you look inside you see the interfacing and the two corners pushed down. 

Find some firm cardstock. Measure the size of the bottom and cut it out of the cardstock. Lay it on the bottom of the (outer)bag.

I zig zagged the edges of the white inner bags and folded the top edge over. The white bags are a bit larger, so later on you will have the white edge sticking out on top of the green outer bag.

Cut three pieces of fabric 6 x 4 inch.(15 x 10 cm, for the hanging system) and add interfacing to the back. 

 Finish the sides with your serger. Fold the fabric in half and use your serger to finish the bottom. It should look like the picture above.

Get your outer bag (green) with cardstock and slip in the white inner bag with folded edge (that is why the white bag is slightly larger). Place the smaller piece of fabric, for hanging, in between these layers at the back. Pin it down.

This is what it looks like close up. Now sew it together, all around.
Be creative and think of some embellishments. Do know that you have to attach embellishments to the outer bag before sewing the inner and outer bag together. I used a pink oval, a white felt oval, made the first letter from my daughters name out of cotton, hand stitched it al together and finished with a little bow on top.

Babyshower favor 'Ready to pop'

My best friend is expecting her second baby early March. A good reason to organize a nice babyshower. I'm looking forward to it, because I just became a mom myself and the babyshower is the first party I will attend after giving birth to our baby girl Hailey. It's also a reason to be creative again and spend time searching for jummie recipes. The creative part is covered by making 'ready to pop' favors. I bought packages microwave popcorn, used some tissue paper to wrap them, made labels with this tutorial;, searched for an image of a pregnant women silhouette and all brought it together in a nice package.
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