Embellish onesies

What you will need;
iron-on appliques

Place the apllique where you want it. Put the cloth over it. Make sure the apllique doesn't move. Heat your iron. I use the wool position.

Press about one minute, let it cool 1 minute, press another minute. Instructions may be different, so read them before you begin.

And this is how it looks like. Very easy, simple and quick to make.

Money Butterfly

I made this money butterfly for my best friend birthday. I think it's a lovely idea to give money like this instead of a simple envelop.
Take two bills. One bill, original size and one bill made smaller by folding the sides. The rest of the instructions are for both bills.

Fold it double lenghts wise.

Fold bottom towards the center line.

Fold top towards center line.

Open the bill.
Fold all four corners towards the center line.

Turn the bill.

fold small line in.

Turn the bill and fold a small line in.

Do this until the paper is like picture above.

Take some iron wire and pliers. Push both bills together and twist the iron wire around it.

Cut the iron wire and bend in to antenna shape.

This is how it should look like. I placed it in a special envelop and closed it with some ribbon and a tag.

DIY Little fragranced bag

Cut a heart shape out of felt.

Sew it on to a little bag by hand. The bag is about 2 inch wide and 3 inches long.

Make a little bow and a loop at the top. Attach the loop on the inside.

Open your frangance, make a funnel out of paper and pour the frangance in to the bag.

Close the last opening with a needle and thread.

Now you can hang the bag up!

DIY bracelet scrap fabric

I made this bracelet with three long pieces of scrap fabric. The pieces are about 1 inch wide and 30 inches long. I used a ribbon clamp to secure the fabric, then I braided the fabric and after every 3 or 4 inches I attached a charm. At the end there is a nother ribbon clamp. To fasten the ends I used a piece of chain and a clasp.

I made a box out of wall paper scraps. See link for instructions;

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