fabric owl cloth

I made this fabric owl cloth for a soon to be born little boy. I came across an owl template on google and printed it out. Cut it into the pieces you want. I choose the whole owl, his wings, the eyes and the beak. Take your scrap fabric, some ribbon and mix and match.
These will be the wings. I used felt and made al smaller piece of wing out of cotton with dots.

I cut the eyes and beak out of felt and hand stitched them onto the owl. The belly is also from (blue) felt, but to make it a bit playful I used a piece of biais to finish the top.

The inside has a filling, so it will feel soft. When you look at the picture, this is the inside. The filling lays on top of the wrong side of the back of the owl. Good sides of fabric are laying on top of each other, leaving a small piece of the fabric open (right side) for turning. Close the opening with a handstitch or, what I did, with a zig zag.



Washi tape ideas

I went to the action store a couple of weeks ago and found some washi tape. They have nice patterns and also a nice price ;-).
When I came home I saw some simple, easy and fun ideas on the internet. Because I have little time between changing diapers, breast feeding and everything else around the house these little projects are doable.

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